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Marketing CD-ROM for Harley Davidson 

Four media projects 

Strategic Planning, Product Development, Marketing, WebsiteStrategic Planning, Product Development, Marketing, Website 

Web-based marketing video 

Travel Planning Showroom Media 

Computer-based training program 

Software for the Employee Perspectives Survey  

Corporate website 

Game for GE-Capital IT Solutions' National Sales Conference 

product demonstration CD-ROM for an environmental services company  

Home Remodeling, Kitchens, Bath 

Tradeshow game for a major sporting goods conference and exposition with 100,000 attendees  

Community Website  

Evaluate Instructional Design Strategies 

Interactive Marketing CD-ROM  

Convert 2 video programs to interactive CD-ROM programs 

Tradeshow Demonstration CD-ROM 

Five media and web-based initiatives 

Software, hardware, and media for Nickelodeon's 20th Anniversary Kiosks 

Eight web-based initiatives 


Technology Implementation Plan 


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